Courtesy of United Way of Thurston County

Kim Yee was among those honored.

The United Way of Thurston County (UWTC) and Thurston County Public Health and Social Services (TCPHSS) recognized earlier this month the President’s Volunteer Service Award recipients.

Those honored encompass nearly two dozen people who served between 100 and 470 hours in the last year supporting Thurston County vaccine clinics. 

“We are so grateful for our volunteer superheroes. Thank you also to our event sponsors — O Bee Credit Union, Dancing Goats Coffee, Panera Bread, and Jim Leonard — who helped make this event extra special,” said Lindsay Fujimoto, director of Volunteer Programs at United Way of Thurston County, in a prepared statement.

In addition to these volunteers, UWTC and TCPHSS recognized the thousands of volunteers who gave their time at a second event in early June held at the Thurston County Fairgrounds.

President's Volunteer Service Award recipients were:

  • Kim Yee (473 hours)
  • Sandra Hallstrom (466 hours)
  • Tobias Klotz (422 hours)
  • Deborah Barnett (244 hours)
  • Martin Balikov (204 hours)
  • Christine Hall (195 hours)
  • Clade “Terry” Sullivan (185 hours)
  • Laurie O’Brien (198 hours)
  • Brenda Paull (144 hours)
  • Sharon Graham (145 hours)
  • Kelly Laidlaw (133 hours)
  • Deborah Dohrmann (127 hours)
  • Marj Shomshor (113 hours)
  • Kathryn McKay (106 hours)
  • Michael Page (116 hours)
  • Jeanne Koenings (113 hours)
  • Nancy Mills (101 hours)
  • Pamela Meredith (101 hours)