It’s personal, it’s intimate, and it’s a part of our daily rituals. Add these products to your routine to make your skin feel like a million bucks — especially during the summer months. 

Cleansing Milk 

This luxurious cleansing milk by Oha Skin will help balance, calm, and hydrate skin. $35 

Cleansing Milk via Oha FB.jpg

Sheltered Skin — Protective Face Oil

Protect, detoxify, and purify your skin with this Rue Santé face oil made with organic plant-based antioxidant ingredients. $70 

Sheltered Skin -

Néroli Crème Fraîche

French Girl’s enriching moisturizer will plump, soften, and refresh your skin. $50 

Néroli Crème Fraîche via

Essential SPF 30

Sunscreen is the real superhero. This Essential SPF 30 by Seattle’s Kari Gran uses organic botanical oils to protect and hydrate skin. $48 

Essential SPF 30 - Kari Gran Skincare & Mineral Makeup FB.jpg

Overnight Facial Oil

This Midnight Shift overnight facial oil from Moonlit Skincare will become a favorite part of your bedtime routine, and your skin will look better in the morning. $34

Midnight Shift via Moonlint Skincare fb.jpg

Correct Eye Renewal Gel

This eye gel by Lumvi Enlightened Skincare is a must-have. The Lumvi line is made with organic plantbased ingredients in Seattle. $80 

Correct Eye Renewal Gel - Lumvi FB.jpg

Rose Rejuvenation Balancing Toner

Apply Island Thyme’s Rose Rejuvenation Balancing Toner after cleansing. It’s made on Vashon Island. $22

Rose Rejuvenation via Island Thyme FB.jpg

Blue Tansy Invisible Pore Resurfacing Clarity Mask

Pamper yourself by applying this deeply herbaceous gel mask on your face to gently clarify skin and soothe the appearance of redness and irritation. Herbivore is a local too. $48 

Blue Tansy via Herbivore FB.jpg

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