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Photo by Christina Houn

Lakewood’s ReVive Yoga Co., located at 11004 Gravelly Lake Drive Southwest, invites the public to stop by the studio between noon and 3 pm. this Saturday, Oct. 17. There will be raffles and giveaways of yoga-themed baskets donated by the yoga instructors.

For the month of October, ReVive is additionally offering a discount on 10- and 20-day class passes and annual memberships.

ReVive Yoga Co. opened a year ago. Just a few months after debuting, though, it had to temporarily close due to COVID-19.

Eventually, the business was able to forge forward. This weekend, ReVive Yoga Co. will take a deep breath and celebrate its one-year anniversary of business.

“Thankfully we have been open with limited capacity since June,” said co-owner Nicole Gates. “It is honestly going as good as it can be right now. Over the past few months, we have adjusted to our new ‘norm’ of stringent cleaning requirements and social-distancing policies to keep our members and teachers healthy. Regardless of how much more work it is to be open right now, we are just thankful that we can connect with our members and offer yoga to the community. We know how important it is to offer a space for healing through yoga — now more so than ever.”

ReVive Yoga Co. offers a variety of infrared-heated and non-heated yoga classes, and workshops catering to all levels. This year has been challenging, but the owners are holding on to faith to get through to the other side.

“How have we been coping? One word: faith,” Gates said. “Having the complete trust that no matter what or no matter how hard things may be, we won’t stop until we get through this. That somehow — somehow — we will survive and come out even stronger. This is what we tell ourselves every day, even on the days we feel defeated or overwhelmed with uncertainty and change during this difficult time in the world.”

Getting through the hard stuff is in line with ReVive’s mission.

“We chose the name ‘ReVive’ because the one word has so much meaning,” Gates said. “It means to restore to life or consciousness, to regain strength of mind and body, to renew existence or give new energy to — simply, to live or live again. We know that this experience can occur both physically and mentally and we wanted to create a beautiful and sacred space for our members to experience this – a place they could call home. Everything we do, every decision we make is centered around this common theme. It is difficult to explain via words: it really only can be felt, if that makes sense. There is a reason why our members call each other the ‘ReVive Tribe.’”

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