Illustration by Meagan Phillips

Expedia and KAYAK

It’s always wise to check several booking apps for the best deals. Both Expedia and KAYAK have excellent apps for finding deals on hotels, flights, and car rentals.

KAYAK is handy for finding the cheapest dates to fly. If you want to be inspired, you can use the “Explore the World” feature to compare airfares to almost any destination worldwide. The app has other fun features, such as an augmented reality scanner for checking whether your luggage is oversized.

Meanwhile, Expedia makes it easy to book a bundle trip so that you get the best discount on both hotels and flights. You also can use Expedia’s map to browse hotels by location, price, or guest rating. The app also has amazing last-minute deals if you want to plan an impromptu escape.


Once you’ve booked your getaway, TripIt will help you juggle reservations. Simply import your confirmation emails, and TripIt will automatically create a personalized itinerary with flight times, hotel directions, and more. 


Klook can help you find the best prices for the hottest attractions. The app offers up to 60 percent discounts on amusement park tickets, tours, museums, and popular shows. You can even make reservations at exclusive restaurants. While Klook doesn’t offer discounts for every city (unfortunately, Seattle is not on the list), the app has great deals worldwide. 


Thanks to the PackPoint app, you will always remember to pack extra socks. With just a few swipes, you can create a custom packing list based on your destination, trip length, and what activities you enjoy. PackPoint even gives suggestions on how to avoid overweight-luggage overweight fees. 


There’s nothing worse than a bad sunburn for ruining a vacation. Fortunately, the QSun app will help you gauge how long to sunbathe without getting fried. The app shows the current UV (ultraviolet) level, as well as how long you can safely stay in the sun based on your complexion. You can buy the QSun wearable tracker ($150) if you want the most accurate reading, but the free app version works great for letting you know when to reapply sunscreen.


Citymapper will help you navigate most major cities just like a local. In addition to giving driving and walking directions, the app also provides detailed instructions on which bus or subway to take. The app also displays detailed transit maps. Best of all, you can use the calorie and carbon trackers to see how using mass transit will help you lose weight and protect the Earth.


Winnie is invaluable for parents on the go. The app makes it easy to find parks with jungle gyms or get the scoop on child appropriate attractions. You can even find suggestions for which local restaurants are the most family-friendly.

Hotel Tonight

What happens if your flight gets delayed, or you get stuck on the road? Hotel Tonight will keep you from staying somewhere you’ll regret. The app gives recommendations for nearby lodging and shows last-minute booking deals so that you can rest easy.