trails photo

Photo by Emily Molina

Join the fifth annual Pierce County Trails Day Saturday, July 31, by participating in a number of outdoor activities across the county.

ForeverGreen Trails, a non-profit organization that advocates for the continued use and development of a safe trails network for Pierce County residents, has coordinated a line-up of both guided and non-guided tours.

Some of the scheduled activities include scavenger hunts, bicycle rides, wildlife viewing, trail maintenance, and skateboarding.

“We are providing opportunities in several locations to make participation more accessible to residents across Pierce County,” said Larry Leveen, executive director of ForeverGreen Trails, in a release. “Many of our events this year are self-guided, allowing people to minimize their exposure to others, and helping them enjoy activity whenever they want, not just on Trails Day itself.”

Check here for a list of events and trails.