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Cool Camping Gear

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Whether you’re looking to rough it under the stars with a canteen, foil blanket, and a few protein bars, or you’d prefer an experience more akin to glamping (glamour camping), you have to admit that shopping for camping gear is almost as much fun as shopping for school supplies when you were a kid. In the spirit of that excitement, we’ve done some homework for you, and picked out some of the coolest camping accessories for this summer’s outdoor adventures.


Cool Camping Gear

insect zapper


If you hate bugs and toxic insect repellent, this battery-powered On-the-Go Insect Zapper by Stinger is a viable alternative. The device is small and lightweight — less than 2 pounds — and runs for three hours, covering more than 400 square feet without a charge., $20


Cool Camping Gear

Collapsible solar light

Looking for a reliable lantern without weighing down your pack? Consider the Survival Frog Collapsible Solar Lantern. When packing for a trip, this lantern takes up next to no room, and when out on the mountain, it can be opened up and set in the sunlight to charge the solar panel for hours of illumination all night., $17


Cool Camping Gear


Whether you’re toasting marshmallows in the backyard or grilling a fresh catch in the wild, this CasusGrill instant grill will do the job. This 100 percent natural and disposable grill will emit up to 60 minutes of high-temperature heat for cooking, at which point, just add the entire thing to your fire and leave nothing behind., $12-$44


Cool Camping Gear

phone stand

Capture the scenery with this Panoramic phone stand from American Eagle, which comes with a remote control. Attach any smartphone, camera, or GoPro, and the device will rotate a full 360 degrees, allowing smooth pann-ing at variable speeds., $50


Cool Camping Gear

tree tent

Just about every kid wishes for a tree-house; that’s why your inner child is going to demand one of these Tentsile Tree Tents, which are basically a treehouse and a hammock crossed with a tent. Made to be superportable, these tents will attach to three trees in less than 15 minutes and suspend two to four occupants among the foliage. Did we mention a removable rainfly allows nighttime stargazing?, $200-$950


Cool Camping Gear


Let’s face it: After the sun goes down, there’s not much to do at a campsite after dark, other than roast some marshmallows and head to bed. Consider the Spot It! Gone Camping edition as a fun addition to your pack. This interactive game — which helps players improve their reaction time and scanning ability — provides hours of entertainment for adults or children and helps hone bear-spotting skills., $12


Cool Camping Gear

solar charger

No matter how tough and rugged we think we are, we all crave our digital devices, even if just for some tunes or to capture the scenery with our cameras. Cue the Anran Foldable Solar Panel. Simply open up this lightweight device and place in direct sunlight and charge your electronics., $50


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