amtrak thanksgiving copy

Photo by Nicole Y-C on Unsplash

It’s that time of year. Turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and, yes, thousands of travelers hitting the road, rails, and skies to spend time with loved ones. In anticipation of the holiday rush, Amtrak has announced that it is prepared to accommodate the extra travelers with additional trains and seats at major hubs throughout the Amtrak system.

According to Amtrak, the busiest travel days are the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and the Sunday after the holiday. In fact, last year, Tacoma Amtrak station saw a 63 percent increase in ridership the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and a 75 percent jump in ridership the Sunday following Thanksgiving, with over 846,000 passengers traveling throughout the week — Amtrak’s largest customer count to date.

Looking to provide travelers a stress-free experience, Amtrak offers the freedom to use phones and electronic devices, the ability to travel with small pets on many trains, large spacious seats, no middle seat, and one of the most generous baggage policies in the travel industry (applicable for two personal items and two carry-on bags). Plus, Amtrak offers up to 45 percent off when six passengers travel together as part of its Share Fares deal.

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