A tradition with roots extending back 2,000 years, Halloween has undergone several interpretations in the United States. Now, it’s regarded as the one night of the year socially acceptable to eat 10 Snickers bars. If they’re mini-size it’s okay, right?

While I appreciate a good candy bar now and again, the reason why I love Halloween comes down to the costumes. You can transform into anyone or anything, and the more committed you are to the character, the greater the compliments (usually). It’s a community bonding experience, and it’s always more fun when friends and family are equally committed to the festivities.

With so many quality secondhand stores in the region, it’s easier than ever to find or create a costume for Halloween. If you don’t know where to start, why not visit the country’s largest Goodwill Halloween store in Spanaway? On October 18th, the store will have live models display real vintage pieces along with replicas from donated clothes. See what you can do with a little know-how — no witchcraft needed! Learn tips and tricks from professionals, and transform thrift finds into a one-of-a-kind costume. But before you do, here are some facts to keep in mind when choosing your costume.

The official numbers are in from Goodwill’s National Halloween Poll, and 63% of those surveyed in 2016 disapproved of overly sexy costumes. Maybe the dark days of sexy pizza and sultry corn on the cob (those are real costumes, we’re not making this up) are finally behind us. You might also want to avoid anything political as 51% thought it wouldn’t make a positive impression — a significantincrease from 35% in 2015. 

If sexy’s “out,” then what’s “in” this Halloween season? Pirates, zombies, soldiers, and vampires remain favorites among teenage boys and adult men. Teenage girls and adult women prefer witches, pirates, and vampire. Interestingly, a growing trend this year is the Do-It-Yourself costume. Despite our increasingly busy and convenience-driven lives, 57% of Goodwill’s respondents prefer DIY costumes over pre-packaged ones.

Celebrating Halloween provides an opportunity to express your individuality and creativity with a few good laughs in between. 

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