The Mini-O is a turnkey mini backyard office making its first Northwest debut at the Seattle Home & Garden show. It comes finished and includes air conditioning and a fireplace. It takes about four weeks to be built and can be taken when you move.

Whether it’s a window planter in your high-rise apartment or a full-fledge bee hive operation in your backyard, Yard to Table covers all that is urban farming. The Seattle Home & Garden Show is featuring Yard to Table at its annual showcase from Feb. 26 to March 6 at Lumen Field Center.

The new educational community garden showcase comes from the work of PNW Small Farm and Garden, a local non-profit for the education of sustainable gardening and community gatherings. The entire 6,000 square foot exhibit will be built on-site in just five days at Lumen Field Center and will feature a chicken coop, greenhouse, and live small farm animals.

The exhibit specifically plans to address the region’s eager pandemic-related interest in hobby gardening, urban farming, and homesteading.

Outside of the basics of getting a home garden started, Yard to Table also plans to discuss:

  • Raising sheep and ways to use their fleece
  • Backyard beekeeping with a live glass-enclosed bee hive
  • Raising goats followed by goat yoga demonstrations
  • Flower farming
  • Starting a vegetable garden
  • Worm farming and soil quality
  • Hydroponics and vertical gardening
  • Raising chickens and baby chicks

Admission is $15 for adults, $10 for seniors, $9 for military members, and $3 for ages 7-15. Those interested in attending can purchase E-tickets online at