Sound the Alarm Stock Photography 2021

Photo by Scott Dalton

The American Red Cross Home Fire Campaign has saved hundreds of lives since its introduction in 2014.

Through educational opportunities, partnerships with local fire departments, and home fire safety preparedness resources, the mission continues.

There are two simple actions that can benefit your family’s safety tremendously. One is to practice a two-minute fire drill at home, with each person knowledgeable of at least two escape routes from every room, and a specific meeting spot away from danger.

The second is to test smoke alarms monthly to make sure they are working properly. If your smoke detector is 10 years or older, it may be time for a new one.

The Red Cross works directly with fire departments to have smoke alarms installed at no cost.

Another step that Northwest region families can take is scheduling a short virtual home fire education consultation. Volunteers will discuss home fire safety tips as well as give guidance on how to set up an escape plan for your home.

Visit here for more information or call (1-833) 918-1531.