Courtesy of Jeshoots via Unsplash

Spring is here, and we have tips to help get your home inside and out in tip-top shape. Get ready to clean, purge, and enjoy sunnier days ahead.

Spring Cleaning Tips

1. Dust Be Gone — Wipe things down from top to bottom. You’ll be amazed (i.e., grossed out) when you see all the dust the top of shelves, fan blades, and light fixtures have collected.

2. Let the Light in — Clean window treatments, blinds, and windows to let the sunshine in. Don’t forget the window tracks and outdoor screens.

3. Go Low — Get down, and remove the dirt along the baseboards.

4. Spring Forward — On March 14, when we spring forward for daylight saving time, make sure to replace the smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries.

5. Freshen the Air — Replace furnace filters.

6. Out with the Old — Clean out the refrigerator, freezer, and cabinets, and get rid of expired food. Donate the good stuff you don’t need.

7. Out with the Old, Part 2 — Now clean closets and donate clothes, toys, and other things you no longer need.

8. Flip It — Flip mattresses. Vacuum under the bed.

9. Deep Clean the Bathroom — And when you are done, replace moldy shower curtain liners and wash the bathmats and shower curtains.

10. Light It Up — Replace lightbulbs with energy-efficient bulbs.

What About Spring Cleaning Outdoors?

Make sure that gutters are clear of debris, fences are reinforced and sturdy, and clean the outdoor kitchen areas and/or grills so you are ready to make dinner outside soon. Also get out the power washer, and start removing mildew and other slippery things off of walkways, patio furniture, and pavers. Get ready to garden and plant fresh veggies!