Cats are naturally curious and if you could translate their “meows” they would probably tell you they want to be outside exploring. However, for many cats, it’s just not safe to be outside. Unless of course, they are safely enclosed in their own custom catio.

The Seattle Catio Tour is coming to the area from noon to 4 p.m. May 21. Eleven homes from Bothell to Seattle will be displaying their custom catios. A $10 donation is suggested to take the tour, and the event is sponsored by PAWS and The Humane Society of the United States.  Pre-register here. The goal is educate people about the benefits of catios that includes feline enrichment and safety for cats, as well as birds and other wildlife.

Cynthia Chomos is the founder and designer of Catio Spaces (safe, outdoor enclosures for cats.) Her latest creation, “Catnap Catio” pictured above will be on display on the tour in Ballard. “Catnap Catio” was created for a rescued Tabby cat. It features a 6-foot daybed with pillows and blankets, a spiral staircase leading to an upper catwalk shelf, cat-safe plants and more. It also doubles as Chomos’ garden retreat. (Is it wrong to be jealous of cats?)

If you are inspired to create your own Catio, Chomos builds them around the Puget Sound for clients. She also offers DIY plans in various sizes for pet-owners who want to construct one themselves.

“Felines can teach us about the lost art of leisure and the health benefits of napping,” she said. “It is important to unplug from the ‘electronic leash’ of technology.”

Chomos’ DIY catio plans sell for about $50 with 10 percent being donated to animal welfare organizations.

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