Photo by Katya Austin

Whether you have a tiny backyard space, or a sprawling oasis, everyone can make their space more beautiful and better for the environment. Here are some ideas:


Bringing life indoors continues to be a huge trend in 2020. There will be succulent and terrarium workshops during the show as well as the plant sale.

Better Topsoil

Gardeners will be putting more of a focus on organics in the garden, composting, organic products, worms, and using green manures to control weeds and enrich gardens.

Edible Gardening

Growing your own herbs and veggies is continuing to get more popular as people opt for more organics in their diet and want more budget-friendly options. Mushrooms are going to have their moment.


People are creating frog- and toad-friendly spaces in their gardens and keeping chemicals out.


Pantone’s Color of the Year is classic blue, and you will see it everywhere, from throw pillows to plants (hydrangeas) to garden décor.