Photo by Michael Jordan Photography

Velvet’s Big Easy food truck has been serving up authentic New Orleans flavors for a little over a year now. From shrimp, catfish, and chicken Po’boys to red beans and rice, fried chicken, and soul-warming gumbos, it’s a taste bud experience not to be forgotten.

For Navy-veteran widow and chef Brenda Miller, the family-owned and operated business is one of her many loves since retiring from a career at Boeing.  

“One of my fondest memories is when I was only about 5 and couldn’t even see on top the stove, helping my mom fix breakfast in the morning for my dad, who was a longshoreman. He loved his eggs over easy. I had to stand on a chair and I remember her holding my hand with the spatula to flip the egg so I didn’t break it,” Miller said.

Today, you can find her cooking up a storm in the Velvet’s Big Easy food truck, catering private events, and popping up at places like Cockrell Hard Cider, the Parkland Place Bakery & Bistro, and this weekend at the Taste of the Northwest at the Washington State Fairgrounds.

Visit here to find out where their next stop will be for a taste of the Big Easy.

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