photo by River Valley Cheese

Courtesy of River Valley Cheese

At River Valley Cheese in Renton, you can make fresh artisanal cheeses. With in-person classes resuming, participants learn the art of making not only goat, feta, mozzarella, and burrata, but cheddar, Gouda, Gorgonzola-style parm, and brie.

Since its 2019 opening at the South Third Street location, Kristi Slotemaker, owner and lead instructor, combines both the history and science behind making cheese, as well how to pair it.

“In every class, we cook something,” Slotemaker said. “In our Parmesan class, we make risotto and usually a couple different flavor profiles so that you learn how to use the cheese in a food.”

With the help of a community that rallied behind her, Slotemaker was able to keep the business up and running through COVID with her famous cheesecake.

“Between December and January, over 100 cheesecakes were sold,” Slotemaker said. “Seventy-five of them went to first responders and emergency program volunteers; 200 cheesecakes later, people continued using them as a platform for giving to others.”