Nova Toast Coffee

Courtesy of Le Sel Bistro

There’s more than just a magnificent view of Commencement Bay to accompany the ever-popular weekly brunch at Le Sel Bistro in Tacoma — the mimosas and Bloody Marys stand out, too.

Le Sel Bistro has offered its French-style and American cuisine since 2019. Along with delectable food combinations like pork belly or bacon Benedicts from a set menu that includes extensive omelets and French toast flavors, Le Sel has a number of mimosas and Bloody Marys.

“We have a huge selection of mimosa flavors, which is probably our No.1 seller,” said owner Rondee Sands. “With Bloody Marys right behind it.”

Mimosas made with fresh fruit juices like orange and grapefruit, and surprising blends of pomegranate, ginger, pear-ginger, blackberry, or cherry, are well worth the visit.

The bourbon and bacon Bloody Mary, a customer favorite, is followed closely by the farmer’s Bloody Mary, adorned with pork belly. Choose from regular or a homemade pickle-infused vodka for endless possibilities.

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