Courtesy of Tokki

Seattle-based company Tokki offers customers not only sustainable gift wrapping but also a unique digital alternative to conventional tagging.

Founded by Jane Park, this woman-owned, BIPOC, and fair-trade-supported business uses premium cotton fabrics for its eye-catching reusable gift bags that both enhance presentation and foster sustainability.

Tokki’s digital tagging option, however, especially highlights the company’s innovation. Gift-givers simply need to upload a video, gif, or photo greeting; then a recipient can scan a QR code on the tag that comes with their present to receive their personalized message.

In addition to its wrapping and tagging, Tokki’s online shop curates products from women entrepreneurs and BIPOC retailers. New items and partnerships are continuously added. Selections include anything from themed candle sets to cheeseboards, from tea-drops to chocolates.

As numerous holidays and anniversaries approach, consider gifting green and supporting fair-trade-advocating organizations like Tokki to create memorable, eco-friendly gift-giving experiences.