WNDR Museum


Seattle’s newly opened WNDR Museum is en route to becoming a must-see destination when visiting the city's waterfront area.

The museum's 16 exhibits range from an immersive video theater to a generative light floor that reacts to each step you take. WNDR has curated works from local and international artists including Yayoi Kusama, who has displayed the fiberglass “Starry Pumpkin.” (You might recognize her name from the “Infinity Mirrors” exhibit that showed at the Seattle Art Museum in 2017.) Seattle-born and -raised Stevie Shao’s “Pixiu” mural is also displayed.

The standout experience at the museum might be the U.S. debut of Studio Leigh Sachwitz’s "INSIDEOUT," a structure that projects a fully immersive 360-degree video and sound show inspired by the artist’s experiences in her native Glasgow. After visitors enter a “shed” and pull on a light string, they will feel as though they're in the heart of a Scottish thunderstorm.

General admission starts at $32.

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