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Photo by John Froschauer, PLU.

With the postponement of PLU’s 2020 graduation commencement ceremony, more than 160 staff and faculty called (yep, using a phone and talking into it) some 841 student graduates with messages, not only of congratulations, but of hope and encouragement.

The ceremony, originally scheduled for last Saturday, May 23, has been put on hold until the fall in accordance with guidelines set forth by the state for the safety of all those involved.

Instead, staff members initiated the surprise phone calls as a way to connect with 2020 graduates on a job well done. According to Zach Powers, director of communications at PLU, “In addition to messages of ‘congratulations’, it was an acknowledgement of their hard work, and the resilience that it took to have such an unusually challenging circumstance during their final semester of college.”

PLU staff and faculty members also created this video to honor the class of 2020.

With finals only recently ending, many of the PLU class of 2020 were celebrating with family over the weekend for reaching the finish line and becoming college graduates. Powers said the feedback they received from students is very positive. A few hung up until they realized it what their college professors calling them — not solicitors or the wrong number.

PLU also put together a suite of tools to help graduates in their celebrations, not only as “thank you for a job well done,” but for being able to maneuver through the additional obstacles they have faced. This included Facebook interframes, yard signs for families to display their pride, and fun graduation decals.

Several students of the 2020 graduating class put together this video, “We did it!”

Yes, you did! Congratulations PLU class of 2020 and all the other seniors who have achieved their graduation goals through this challenging time.

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