Spin the Wheel

Host Dax Shepard and contestant Daniel Konzelman in the season premiere of SPIN THE WHEEL airing Thursday, June 20 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Photos by Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Daniel Konzelman has had his fair share with publicity. In 2017, you may have seen him on your TV screen for his heroic impact in the Amtrack crash on I-5. Konzelman was on his way to work when the inaugural train derailed off the tracks onto interstate 5 southbound right in front of his car. He quickly jumped out and helped passengers out of the wrecked train. From then on, he was a hero and was honored for his bravery at the 2018 Friends of Scouting Breakfast.

Because of these heroic duties, Konzelman’s story caught the attention of FOX for its new game show SPIN THE WHEEL, which seeks nominations for show participants. The show is hosted by Dax Shepard and produced by Justin Timberlake, so there is no doubt it is full of laughs.

Hometown Hero Makes it to Hollywood

Spin the Wheel

The show is a game of chance and trivia, pop culture trivia to be exact. For every question a participant answers correctly, the wheel spins for prize money. As the game goes on, the sum of money gets higher, as do the stakes.

“I was pretty nervous that they were recruiting us for trivia, and was worried I was going to be embarrassed on television.” Konzelman said. However, he continued: “It was such an awesome adventure; meeting all the people. The actual filming was an absolute blast.”

Growing up on a farm in Puyallup, with no television and no social media, Konzelman took on the intricacies of the pop culture world, but not without some help. During the show, he was asked to solicit one person he wanted to join him on his SPIN THE WHEEL adventure. Without a thought, he chose his brother, Darien, who joined him on stage in the second round.

Together, the brothers strategized. “Keep in mind, we are farm boys from Puyallup,” Darien Konzelman chimed in. “We aren’t good at trivia, so we couldn’t be disappointed with our results,” said Darien Konzelman.

Want to know how their story ends? The first episode of SPIN THE WHEEL airs on Thursday, June 20 on Fox.