The Pacific Bonsai Museum is holding its 9th annual Bonsai solstice event Dec. 17.

A Bonsai Winter Solstice

The Pacific Bonsai Museum is holding on Dec. 17 from 4-7 p.m. its 9th annual Bonsai solstice event where guests are invited to stroll through its softly lit and world-renowned collection of bonsai trees. Read more about the solstice event and how to attend here

Seattle Film Critics Society Nominates All Sorts for First Annual PNW Filmmaking Award

All Sorts, whose crew almost entirely comprised Seattle-Tacoma-area residents, has been named one of five finalists by the Seattle Film Critics Society for its first annual Pacific Northwest Filmmaking Award. Find out more about the film, and the honor, here.

Maritime Blue’s Quiet Sound Program's Promising First 50 Days

Scientific research indicates that underwater noise from boat vessels, within certain ranges, impedes an orca's ability to communicate and hunt for food. This problem is now being addressed by Washington Maritime Blue, which recently launched the Quiet Sound program to protect the remaining 73 killer whales in Puget Sound waters. Find out more about the program's progress here.

21 Small Businesses Getting $5K Grants from Thrive Tacoma Fund

The Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber announced recently that 21 small businesses in Tacoma owned by people of color, women, and veterans each will receive $5,000 grants for their business from the Thrive Tacoma Business Fund. Get additional details here.