"Clue: On Stage" Opens at Tacoma Little Theatre

Join in on the murder-mystery-comedy fun at Tacoma Little Theatre’s production of Clue: On Stage beginning Friday, Oct. 22, through Sunday, Nov. 7.

The theatre, which commences its 103rd season, brings the classic tale to life based on the Jonathan Lynn screenplay and 1985 film, which harkens back to the original board game. 

Led by director Jennifer York, all of the favorite characters are present. 

They include Wadsworth, played by Mauro Bozzo, Yvette played by Hana Hahn, Miss Scarlet played by Robin Mae Becar, Mrs. Peacock played by Dana Messina Galagan, Mrs. White played by Deya Ozburn, Colonel Mustard played by Mark Peterson, Professor Plum played by Jason Sharp, Mr. Green played by Frank Roberts, and a supporting cast of Valentine Fry, Keith Ordonez, Janice Williams and Gunnar Johnson.

Find tickets to enjoy this fun whodunit parody here.


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