Courtesy of City of Tacoma via Facebook

The City of Tacoma has announced that $200,000 is available to women and minority-owned businesses through the Washington Minority Business Development Agency Business Center’s “Achieve More” grants.

Applications are now being accepted through March 19. 

The grants are designed to help eligible women and minority-owned businesses throughout Washington offset several types of costs:

Infrastructure Improvements (Up to $5,000)

Examples of infrastructure improvements are cybersecurity and market research support to include business document updates such as business plans, standard operating procedures, or legal review. 

Employee Training/Business and Technological Equipment (Up to $5,000)

Professional development and the cost to train staff on technology/systems that improve daily business logistics and operations can be a significant but necessary investment. Grant funding will be awarded based on: 

  • Viability (Staff must be committed to completing training, otherwise funds might be forfeited);
  • Impact (This addresses how training would improve operations or increase revenue); and
  • Owner and business readiness for implementation (Examples may include researched/recommended/approved technological system improvements by experts in the field, or MBDA and its partners).

The grant amounts will be issued based on actual and verifiable costs, with a limit of one grant per business owner with a UBI number and NAICS. Full “Achieve More” Grant eligibility requirements and application details are available here