Marlon Wayans

Photo Courtesy of the Washington State Fair

Having only seen Marlon Wayans on the silver screen, I wasn’t sure how his stand-up would hold up to his performances on well-known comedies like White Chicks and the Scary Movie franchise. But within seconds on stage at the Washington State Fair, he had the crowd gyrating with laughter. The 45-year-old comedian didn’t steer away from poking fun at his age by admitting he’s partial to old-school hip-hop that “even white people can understand,” and threw some shade at rappers Future and Desiigner for their unintelligible or repetitive lyrics. He also turned up the heat on the Kardashian family, joking that their boyfriends and husbands become talent-less after hitching up with the infamous sisters.  And, as most comedy does,  the set turned a little political.  He said any man with a haircut like North Korean leader Kim Jong-un shouldn’t be provoked by calling him “Little Rocket Man,” a jab President Donald Trump tweeted from his personal twitter account on Saturday. He closed out the show by promoting unity, especially with laughter, during this divisive time.

The opening acts, Wayan’s niece, Chaunte Wayans, and screenwriter and actor Sydney Castillo were notable in their own right. Before Wayans took the stage, Chaunte Wayans said he was told to “keep it clean” and family-friendly for the fair. That’s like asking the devil to stand in for God, she laughed. Whether he actually “kept it clean” for the audience, well, I guess that’s up to interpretation. Eyes and ears were probably covered for some parts of the performance, but what else do you expect from Marlon Wayans.

The fair ends today, Sept. 24, but there is still time to catch one more show. Visit the Washington State Fair online for ticketing and more information.

Jason Aldean with special guest Kane Brown

Sunday, Sept. 24 at 7:30 p.m.